Thank you for visiting our website – we hope our information is useful for you. We also welcome you to call us or come visit at any time.

Below is a list of topics we often visit with prospective clients about. Perhaps these would be useful for when you call or come see us.

Some Items for Discussion:

  1. Brief Overview of the family’s estate plan
  2. Brief history and overview of Zia Trust
  3. Assets under administration
  4. Trust Officers- qualifications, number, etc.
  5. Stability of Trust Officers and Zia Trust as Corporate Trustee
  6. Replacing the trustee
  7. Approach to Trust Administration:

a. Initial steps with your family
b. Assignment of trust officer and any future change
c. Process of trust decision making and timing
d. Back office support, bookkeeping, etc.
e. Communications with trust beneficiaries
f. Trustee duty and Trust Code
g. Relationship with trust advisors
h. Relationship with financial Advisor- delegated trust responsibilities
i. Relationship with family advisors/professionals –CPA, Attorney
j. Trustee fees
k. Other items as appropriate