Why Zia Trust?

As a corporate trustee it is our duty to be objective and free up families from the burden and conflicts that arise in managing family estate and financial matters.

Our Only Business

We do not cross-sell anything, and we are not obligated to such things as proprietary bank investments or mutual funds, or in house Investment Advisors.


We have worked with hundreds of families since 2001 administering all types and sizes of trusts. We are experienced in administering family trusts of all sorts, charitable trusts, special needs trusts, employee benefit trusts, trusts with closely held business assets, and many others.


Zia Trust is a leading independent trust company – large enough to serve you with competent dedicated people, yet not so large that we lose personal attention to your needs. We are accessible. All management and trust decisions are made locally without any time delaying bureaucracy. We have experienced steady growth as an Independent Trust Company. We are here to stay and here to serve you. We currently have offices in Arizona and New Mexico and serve clients and beneficiaries in 40 states.

trust client diagram


Zia Trust is an independent corporate trustee dedicated fully to serving you and your family. We are not affiliated with a bank or other financial institution – this allows us to have a single minded focus and expertise.


We work with numerous Investment Advisors all over the United States, a great number of Estate Planning Attorneys, many CPAs and numerous other professionals of your choice. We honor and protect the relationship you have with your trusted advisors and work alongside them to provide quality trustee services.